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Interactive Glossary of Chemical Terms

Interactive Glossary of Common Chemical Terms and Drug Substances Subject to Legislative Control in Hong Kong

This glossary is based on a booklet first produced in 1997 for mainly internal use in the Government Laboratory. The booklet listed both chemicals and chemical terms in current use on a daily basis in the laboratory with translations into Chinese using both standard Chinese translation and the simplified character system. It was not intended to be an all-embracing, comprehensive glossary of scientific terminology, rather it was, and still is, an aid to workers in the laboratory in their everyday duties. In order to make the glossary of wider value, it has been expanded in this electronic version to provide information on drug substances that are subject to legislative control in Hong Kong under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance and Antibiotics Ordinance. For these substances, the relevant ordinance in which they appear, together with their translation into standard Chinese, is indicated. For substances controlled under more than one ordinance, a detailed explanation of the control is beyond the current scope of this glossary and the user is advised to refer to the appropriate Ordinances of the Laws of Hong Kong.

The glossary will continue to be expanded with the inclusion in the future of a wider range of chemical and related scientific terms together with details of the control of substances under the Dangerous Goods Ordinance.

In the meantime, any feedback from users of this Glossary would be very welcome.

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