Forensic Science Division

Controlled Drugs Sections

The Controlled Drugs Sections undertake analysis of substances suspected to be controlled under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance, the Antibiotics Ordinance or the Control of Chemicals Ordinance. This service is mainly provided to the Hong Kong Police Force and the Customs and Excise Department in support of control of drugs and their chemical precursors involved in the contravention of the above ordinances.

Controlled Drugs Samples

Controlled Drugs Samples

Heroin Block

Heroin Block

The Controlled Drugs Sections also provide round‐the‐clock urgent drug laboratory examination service and expert advice on various drug related issues. The professional staff of the sections will attend scene upon the request of the law enforcement agencies in assisting them in the immediate crime investigation of any suspected illicit drug manufacturing/cultivation activities. Besides, the sections furnish drug intelligence information and statistics and training to government bureaux/departments in drug‐related investigation and examination.

Key Instruments

The key instruments of the Controlled Drugs Sections are Gas chromatograph - mass spectrometers and High performance liquid chromatograph - mass spectrometers.

Liquid  Chromatograph-High Resolution Mass Spectrometer

Liquid Chromatograph-High Resolution Mass Spectrometer

Targets and Key Indicators

Key Performance Measures Relating to the Forensic Science Services


Targets are defined as the percentage of completed cases whose individual case-completion time does not exceed a specified number of working day(s).

Targets 2022 (Actual) 2023 (Actual) 2024 (Plan)
90 91 92 90

Targets 2022 (Actual) 2023 (Actual) 2024 (Plan)
90 78 91 90

Targets 2022 (Actual) 2023 (Actual) 2024 (Plan)
90 87 97 90
Key Indicators
Number of Cases Investigated 2022 (Actual) 2023 (Actual) 2024 (Estimate)
Controlled drugs 4,706 3,759 4,200