Environmental Policy

The Government Laboratory is committed to managing environmental matters as an integral part of its activities. It is our policy to assure environmental integrity of all processes and facilities at all times and at all places. We will do so by adhering to the following principles:

  1. Prevent Pollution
    • We strive to prevent the release of pollutants that the laboratory may cause during service delivery, and to mitigate their detrimental effects to the environment.
  2. Preserve Resources
    • We promote green procurement and management, and take all practicable measures to conserve energy, water, materials and natural resources by adopting the principle of “reduce, reuse, recycle and replace”.
  3. Fulfil Compliance Obligations
    • We fulfil the obligations to comply with all relevant regulatory and other applicable requirements on environmental performance in our operation.
  4. Enhance Communication and Awareness
    • We facilitate transparency to the public through annual reporting of our environmental performance;
    • We foster green culture and staff awareness through providing regular training and guidelines to all staff.
  5. Support Sustainable Development
    • We are committed to providing quality laboratory services in a sustainable manner with due consideration for minimising environmental impacts while achieving technology advancement.
  6. Promote Continual Improvement
    • We are determined to seek continual improvement to enhance our environmental performance on all fronts.