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  1. Services offered by the Government Laboratory are mainly provided to support the operation of various Government Departments. Individuals and companies requiring analytical and advisory services are advised to seek the assistance of commercial laboratories. A “Directory of Accredited Laboratories” is available from the Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) of the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC). Up-to-date information on accredited laboratories and their scopes of accreditation are provided at the HKAS website at the following address:
    Enquiry Tel: (852)2829 4841

  2. Various personal information areas are for the convenience of the persons who prefer a particular mode of reply from this department. Persons who use this form are not required to fill in all the information areas. All personal data submitted will only be used for purposes which are directly related to this enquiry. The personal data submitted may be transferred to parties who will be involved in replying this enquiry.