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Video Spectral Comparator (VSC 6000) for the examination of forged document
Video Spectral Comparator (VSC 6000)
for the examination of forged document

The Questioned Documents Section provides a comprehensive service to law enforcement departments in all aspects of questioned documents from handwriting and typewriting examination to counterfeiting and forgery. As part of the performance pledge of the laboratory, the target for 85% completion of handwriting and for 90% suspect document cases are 66 and 30 days respectively.

The main client of the section is the Hong Kong Police Force with the rest of the submissions coming from a number of other sources, including the Immigration Department and the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

The section is regarded as one of the leading authorities on the analysis of Chinese handwriting, a number of research papers have been published by members of the section.

Key Instruments

Magnetic stripe analyzer
Magnetic stripe analyzer

The following instruments are used routinely by the Section:

  • Magnetic stripe analyzer
  • Video spectral comparator
  • Electrostatic Detection Apparatus
  • Ribbon Analysis Workstation






Targets and Key Indicators

Key Performance Measures Relating to the Forensic Science Services


Targets are defined as the percentage of completed cases whose individual case-completion time does not exceed a specified number of working day(s)

Category Targets 2019
Handwriting examination completed within 66 working days (%) 85 94 92 85
Counterfeiting/forgery completed within 30 working days (%) 90 98 94 90
Express counterfeiting/forgery service completed within one working day (%) 99 100 100 99

Key Indicators

Key indicators are the number of cases investigated

Number of Cases Investigated 2019
Questioned documents 404 274 340